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A step towards education for sustainable development of students which allows every student to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitude and values necessary to shape their bright future.

About us

‘After Bell' is a mobile-based application developed to provide children with the space to process the information being delivered to them at school and enables them to envision and grow in the right environment with proper guidance.

The app presents the child with short questions daily pertaining to the syllabus, and the evaluations are updated instantly on the Afterbell Parent’s app to gauge students' daily academic performance.

After Bell ensures that children develop the habit of "Self-Studying” via curriculum completion and daily quiz. After bell guarantees 100% learning and a firm grasp of every concept.

Periodic webinars and interactive sessions are conducted with facilitators from the industry to bridge the gap between the child's academic learning and its application.

It's a New Age Initiative that ardently believes in the notion of counseling and guidance and therefore ensures an improved academic percentage of the child.


Smart and effective way of studying.

With the evolving academic ecosystem and enhanced understanding of developmental phenomena, we very well know that rote learning is a practice with limited benefits. This novel concept of learning through ‘self-study’ will enhance the child’s ability to comprehend, think, reflect and act more responsibly, also encouraging curiosity and subsequent learning. Academically, it integrates the child’s learning process, encourages comprehension and understanding, and allows the child to make sense of their academic learning.



The student-centric system provides a quick recap of the topic covered in school, followed by a short quiz.

The idea of 'self-study' not only enhances the child's ability to understand better but also helps them grasp concepts better, think clear, reflect and act more responsibly.

One of the most advanced tracking tools, which holistically and periodically tracks the child's progress and learning trajectory. The system plays an active role in adapting its techniques to suit the learning curve of the child.

What guarantees child's attendance and attention? Our reward system; where the child receives small rewards as tokens of motivation for all the big and small achievements for their attendance and evaluation..


We proudly present ourselves as a parent-friendly system where daily updates about child's performance are available for preview on Afterbell Parents App.

Parents are also provided with a multi-faceted checklist that updates them with the child's performance on a holistic level.

Counseling and Guidance sessions are available to discuss pertinent issues the child faces and to seek guidance for higher career and industry options.

At After Bell, we provide academic information, questions and revision wrapped into sessions at the most affordable price.


Zero Time & Cost Involvement of school & teachers.

Subject-wise student's understanding level can be ascertained from the After Bell app.

Level of teaching of teachers and understanding level of students can be defined on chapter-to-chapter / topic-to-topic basis

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